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Why do you need Purgolene?

Getting real

about Poop

With toilet paper being the most sought-after commodity worldwide right now, you’d imagine everyone was having healthy bowel movements. Right? Wrong. Ironically for a nation of bog-roll bandits not everyone is lucky enough to be able to poop quite enough. And if the current news isn’t enough to scare the - out of you, then perhaps you should listen up.

Although poop isn’t something everyone’s comfortable talking about, it’s a fact of life and without regular movements a pretty uncomfortable one. But it doesn’t have to be, particularly with Cipla’s new laxative, Purgolene.

If you poop less than three times per week, you might be constipated1. So, if you’re uncomfortable because your drain’s a bit blocked, there are some lifestyle changes that can help you with a number two, and if that doesn’t work, then there is some medicine available that can help you with chronic constipation1.

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So, how does

Purgolene work?

The active ingredients are macrogol (PEG) 3350, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride2. Basically, what Purgolene does is that it transports water to soften a dry, hard stool and causes an osmotic action in the gut, which creates a laxative effect2.

Purgolene has a lemon flavour, and contains no sugar as it uses 75,0 mg of acesulfame potassium (E950) as a sweetener.

It is suitable for the treatment of chronic constipation in adults, adolescents and the elderly. It is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years of age2.

Patient Information Leaflet
Simple dosing

How to take


Simply dissolve one sachet of Purgolene (a dose) into a glass of water2. You can take up to three doses per day (as instructed by your healthcare practitioner), depending on the severity of your constipation2.

Do not use for longer than 2 weeks without consulting your healthcare practitioner.

When you first use Purgolene, it may take a few days to start working. This is because Purgolene works on the colon (large intestine)2. Purgolene has to travel from the mouth to the colon (on average this takes about 1 ½ days) and then about another day for the stool to travel from the end of the colon out of the body2.

It is suitable for the treatment of chronic constipation in adults, adolescents and the elderly. It is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years of age2.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this fun questionnaire is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. In the best interest of our patients, in accordance with the relevant South African legislation, Cipla cannot subscribe to the practice of online diagnosis. Please consult a medical professional for specific medical advice. If you have any major concerns, please see your doctor for an assessment. If you have any cause for concern, your doctor will be able to refer you to the appropriate specialist/s.

A11.5S0 Reg. No. 42/11.5/0412. Each sachet contains Macrogol (PEG) 3350 13,125 g, Sodium Bicarbonate 178,5 mg, Sodium Chloride 350,7 mg, Potassium Chloride 46,6 mg. References: 1. Cleveland Clinic. Constipation. Available at: 2. For full prescribing information, refer to the Professional Information approved by the medicines regulatory authority.